Edition printing

What is edition printing?

We are not a classic long run printer, because our strengths lie in individual, flexible and unique orders in small to medium runs. We can produce edition sizes up to about 5,000 print meters, depending on format and color, more economically attractive than analog printers. The big advantages are the possibility to combine many same-format orders into one total edition, which can be printed uninterrupted without any setup costs and maculation. Inline lamination or varnishing and web slitting enables us to produce rolls for form fill and seal machines in one production step.

Printing Company Partnership

We do not consider ourselves as a competitor of flexographic and gravure printing, but as a flexible partner who works closely together with this industry. We discreetly produce prints for you that would be more expensive in flexographic or gravure printing. You can always offer the most economical printing process to your existing clients without having to invest in machines, software and human resourcesl.

Food suitability

As part of the investment in an HP Indigo 20000, we have overhauled our production facilities in accordance with current hygiene guidelines and converted them into a hygiene area. At the same time, we are currently working on the certification of our company according to ISO 9001. Due to the usage of inline finishing, our printed products are particularly suitable for food packaging, as they reliably prevent the risk of contamination.

Our products

We offer rolls for FFS machines, in various formats and processing, such as matt, glossy or metallic effects. We also offer shrink sleeves as rolls and sheets.

Our materials

We can print on all common flexible packaging materials. In case we do not stock your desired material, we will gladly print on material provided by you.

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