Our history

Since 1953, the Berrenbaum family has been closely associated with flexible packaging. Back in the years of the economic miracle, Hubert Berrenbaum recognized the possibilities of flexible packaging and processed cellophane into foil bags for the local steel products industry.

The beginnings were extremely simple in the living room handmade with soldering iron. In the sixties, the production was switched to polyethylene film bags. In 1969, Frank Berrenbaum, who was already interested in his father’s work when he was a child, joined as a shareholder in the enterprise that was by that time rebranded as a private corporation (GbR, Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts).

Soon after, the flexographic printing process for printing the films was additionally included in the production. In 1980, when the company founder died unexpectedly, the company was changed into a limited commercial partnership (KG) and his widowed wife Käte joined as a limited partner, accepting her inheritance. The small family business grew and since 1984 Frank Berrenbaum’s wife Andrea has worked in the company, too. In 1987 the company moved to the industrial area in Langenfeld, in 1989 it moved to Solingen Aufderhöhe. On this occasion the change of name into a Limited liability company (GmbH) took place.

By the end of the 1990s, when the production of steel products within the region continued to decline, investments in digital printing were made in 1999 and the extensive know-how could then be used to produce sample packaging for branded companies. Another area that grew out of its own needs was the construction and production of special machines for film processing and packaging production.

In 2002, a restructuring was necessary again. The company Berrenbaum GmbH was dissolved. Instead, Andrea Berrenbaum founded the company bits-to-dots e. K, which completely focused on sample production. The mechanical engineering division was outsourced into the Frank Berrenbaum e. K. The people in both companies continue to remain with the company’s tradition – they keep coming up with something new.

As the space in Solingen became more and more scarce due to new machines, a relocation to Langenfeld took place in 2009 and soon afterwards in 2013 the name changed to bits-to-dots GmbH & Co KG was made. With the renewed change of name and the entry of Meike Berrenbaum the next generational change was initiated.

Meike is part of the management since 2016, and recently, the second Berrenbaum daughter, Britta, has joined the company, resulting in the third generation starting to carry responsibility. In this way, we are firmly anchored in our common future as a mutable family business.

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