Sample production

What are samples?

Samples bring packaging ideas and designs to life and make them tangible/comprehensible.
Samples, prototypes, mock-ups, dummies, visual samples, and short run editions: behind all these terms, the goal is to tangibly present ideas and innovations and to confirm the technical feasibility.
Our ultimate goal is therefore, to come as close as possible to the later quality in terms of printing, material and workmanship. We do this by printing on customer material as well as on a large selection of own materials. In addition, we have a variety of processing machines and our own tool shop, which produces project-related tools and machines.

Project support and technical advice

Our strength is to accompany customers through all project phases and to advise them through the process. We can illustrate how packaging ideas can be implemented using our internal processing options. Through our network of contract bottlers and material suppliers, we can also assist you in the realization of later serial production. We also see ourselves as a technical consultant and solution finder to realize your ideas and projects together. Here, we are characterized by technical creativity and ingenuity, such as the combination of different printing processes or in the selection of suitable filling material.

Our products

Our product range does not represent a static offer. Due to customer requests, we are constantly developing our product range. Feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to implementing creative packaging ideas with you.

Our materials

We can print and process all common packaging materials.
We have more than 250 different substrates in our stock.
If we do not have your desired material in stock, we will gladly print on material provided by you. Alternatively, we use our business contacts with leading manufacturers to acquire materials in sample quantities.

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