Printing presses

In addition to our highly motivated employees, which set the prerequisite for our high quality with their technical abilities and craftsmanship, we stand out for fully focusing on digital printing for more than 20 years and thus having built up a substantial know-how.

Through our own additional developments, we are able to create processing and finishing options that are unique in the world.

In digital offset technology of HP Indigo presses, the ink layer thickness is similar to those in flexo or gravure printing, therefore, ink costs are lower compared to other digital printing inks. Additionally, these colors are suitable for use in food packaging.
The semi-rotary printing process has the advantage of printing all reports up to 1100mm with the same cylinder circumference. However, the performance depends heavily on the repeat legth as well as the number of colors that are used.

All substrates with a surface tension of more than 38 dyne can be printed. To prepare for printing, a primer coating is necessary. We can either apply these inline or in a separate unit. We have a choice of aqueous and solvent-based primers, both of which are suitable for use in food-grade films. This allows us to print on a wide variety of customer materials.

HP Indigo 20000 Inkjet UV +EB Inkjet aqueous Flexo printing
Film thickness for 200% coverage 0,002mm 0,014mm for 3pl and 1200x 1200dpi 0,004mm for 3pl and 1200x1200dpi 0,002mm
Ink cost for 200% coverage 100% cmyk +100% white 0,20€/m2- 0,26€/m2 depending on print volume 0,70€/m2 for ink cost of 50€/l 0,35€/m2 for ink cost of 25€/l 0,04€/m2 ink cost 10€/l

HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press

The HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press is a digital web press with up to seven colors. The principle of digital offset printing with liquid toner produces very well resolved & edged prints similar to conventional offset printing. Through various additions and modifications, we were able to create the possibilities of inline finishing, which go far beyond the standard application of the standard machine.

Substrate thickness 10 – 250 μ
max. print format (width x length) 740 x 1120 mm
Roll width max. 762mm – min. 400mm
Print width Max 740mm
max. repeat 1120 mm
Standard colors CMYK + white
Optional colors up to 2 special colors
Image resolution 812 dpi
Inline primer station
Inline-cutting station for longitudinal slitting
Inline-lamination- and varnishing station

HP Indigo press ws4500

Substrate thickness 12 – 350 μ
max. print format (width x length) 308 x 450 mm
Roll width 450 mm
Standard colors CMYK + white
Optional colors Up to 2 special colors
Image resolution 812 dpi
Inline-cutting station for longitudinal slitting
Inline-lamination station
Inline-flexo-coating unit
Sensor for inset printing one-sided or- reverse-side printing in a second run

swissQprint Impala

The system is a combined flatbed and roll ink jet printer for UV curable inks, which prints not only the scale colors but also white ink and varnish. It is suitable for large format prints on various rigid and flexible materials.


max. material size 2,5 x 1,55 m
max. material thickness 50 mm
max. material weight bis zu 400 kg
max. print width in roll-to-toll mode 2500 mm
Ink system UV-curable ink
Printing technique piezoelectric inkjet printer
Two printing heads per color 
9 colors – CMYK | Light C | Light M | White | varnish (gloss / matt)
Printing technology Drop size from 9-42 picoliter, small drop size for sharp prints and smooth gradations, big drop size for thick spot color.


In the past we were closely attached to the former Frank Berrenbaum e.K., which operated special machinery. Since this time, we have a large and flexible machinery as well as the know-how in our workshop and maintenance.

Our converting machines and finishing tools include the following:

  • Slitter rewinder with 1400 mm working width, up to 800 mm reel diameter, 76 mm and 152 mm cores
  • Hot / cold laminating machine with 1400 mm working width for roll and sheet material
  • Flatbed tool plotter with 1300 x 1700 mm working space for grooving and cutting cartons, corrugated boxes, displays and twin wall sheets.
  • Hotmelt adhesion device
  • Shrink sleeve seaming machine 25 mm to 275 mm lay flat width with longitudinal perforation and application device for tear tapes
  • Cross cutter with eye mark sensor
  • Steam shrink tunnel, hot air shrink tunnel
  • Ultrasonic welding machines
  • Welding machine for three side sealed pouches and stand-up pouches
  • CNC milling machine with 2000 x 3000 x 400 mm working space with 5-fold tool changer
  • Mechanical workshop for the production of special sealing tools
  • CAD workstation


We have experience in shipping to different countries in and outside the European Union. In our warehouse we have about 400 pallet store places and thus enough space for customer material and filling material. For food packaging material there are separate storing spaces. We can also handle urgent direct deliveries with our own transporter.

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